Our goal must be to create a football club that makes the Dingley Football Netball Club the obvious choice for any player and their family wanting to play our great game from senior’s right through to and include minors through to the Auskick program within our local community and indeed beyond. All planning, and effort must always have this thought in mind with our decisions consistent in achieving the same. Our football program must ensure we cater, grow and develop players across all spectrums of gender and ability. Skill set (particularly throughout our junior program) should be measured by opportunity and community involvement.

As a club we must always be prepared to lift the bar on everything we do, be prepared to always search from better ways to do things to achieve our objectives. Invest in our people, build and develop long term relationships with key organisations to be across the very best practises at all times.

This should include organisations within and external of the Southern  Football Netball League.

Our goals for the Dingley Football Netball Club should fall into two broad categories – CLUB & TEAM.

As a club, we need to create a vision that the Dingley Football Netball Club is recognised as a model football club with a development program that all junior clubs in the region want to be associated with. It should be developed with all aspirations being to ultimately represent the Dingley Football Netball Club at Division 1 senior level. To achieve this, we must have a series of mission statements, which essentially state we intend to provide the highest standard of coaching and development for all players.

We must also provide the highest standard of support to players and staff in terms of leadership, guidance and support. As coaches and staff, we will bring to this club an exceptional amount of knowledge and a vast amount of experience. We must at all times, be ‘prepared to learn’ from each other and draw on each other’s strengths, everyone must be included and everyone must feel import.

Walk and talk as a team with no passengers, no divisions, everybody equal.